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Code of Conduct

Thank you for wanting to attend a truly unique experience that has been years in the making! It is our mission to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone in attendance. In order to make your visit and that of other attendees the most enjoyable it can be, we require everyone to observe the following rules. Persons violating this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave FANTASM. Please have your event Badge openly displayed on your person at all times during FANTASM event(s).


  • Upon acceptance of any type of pass to FANTASM or entering it's location, attendees become responsible for their personal liability. Attendees assume all risks with respect to the dangers incidental to FANTASM.
  • Badges are required for entry into FANTASM and must be visible at all times. Badges are non-replaceable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  • Acceptance of a Badge constitutes consent to the use of the wearer's image or likeness in any recording, transmission, or reproduction of FANTASM for use by FANTASM or ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.
  • Failure to comply with the published rules of FANTASM, including disruptive or inappropriate behavior, will result in the revocation of your Badge and ejection from FANTASM. FANTASM may revoke any Badge and eject anyone from the convention at anytime for any reason without a refund.
  • FANTASM and/or ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. reserve the right to refuse entrance into the events, service to any individual, or group at anytime for any reason.


  • At all times, Attendees should follow requests and directions of FANTASM and event location staff.
  • FANTASM, ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, the Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando ("Official Hotel"), and surrounding hotels are not responsible for personal items. Unattended and lost items will be turned over to proper authorities (Facility Management, Orlando Police Department, Orlando Fire Department, Florida State Police). Lost items will not be held by FANTASM.
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times, including shoes, pants/shorts/skirts, and shirts/tops.
  • Shoes are required at all times in the hotel and convention space.
  • Each event room has limited space and seating. Seating is not guaranteed to any persons. Standing room is allowed only at the discretion of FANTASM or Facility staff.
  • Lining up is permitted no earlier than 2 hours prior for general events, and 30 minutes prior to autograph sessions. Documented disabled persons, staff, on-duty volunteers, and guests of honor are not required to stand in line for events.
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol is only permitted in designated locations.
  • The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years of age. Anyone under legal age found drinking or intoxicated will be reported to Facility Management and the Orlando Police Department.
  • Smoking is only permitted within designated locations outside the buildings.
  • Theft, assault, drug use, and other illegal activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Discrimination and/or harassment of any form will not be tolerated.
  • Do not hinder or obstruct the flow of foot traffic within the convention area. Please use common sense and do not create a traffic pattern problem.
  • Individuals may be asked to remove large or unwieldy bags, props, or other accessories from the convention areas.
  • Questions, concerns, or complaints should be brought to FANTASM staff at Registration Customer Service.


The following are not permitted at FANTASM and its surrounding perimeters, including the parking lots and structures and shall remain in effect at all times while attending FANTASM:

  • Failing to be fully and/or appropriately clothed, or wearing apparel or gesturing in a manner which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil others. Please keep in mind local laws, rules and regulations when selecting your costume.
  • Physically or verbally threatening, annoying, harassing, stalking, pushing, shoving or use of physical force, or offending any person; which in any way creates a disturbance that is disruptive or dangerous.
  • Disruptive behavior, including but not limited to: running, screaming, shouting, or yelling, playing loud music or noise, horseplay or rowdiness.
  • Any boisterous, lewd, annoying, or offensive behavior / language, using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct, or profanity, obscene gestures or racial, religious or ethnic slurs.
  • ANY unsolicited physical contact.
  • Discrimination and/or harassment of any kind to anyone.
  • Any loud or boisterous behavior that results in the disturbance of operations of FANTASM. Examples would be playing music loudly in common areas, large group dancing that creates traffic problems, or loud convention games such as "Marco Polo" will be shut down immediately. We ask that you use common sense in this regard as to not start a problem.
  • Assembling for the purpose of, or resulting in, disturbing the public peace or committing any unlawful act or engaging in any offensive behavior.
  • Activity not sponsored by FANTASM and/or an enterprise(s) engaged in business at FANTASM, without complying with FANTASM rules for such activity. This includes, without limitation, the solicitation of money or other contributions or donations, or distribution of commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, or offering samples of items or products which are sold, available for sale, or available in exchange for a donation or contribution.
  • Possession of any item that can be used as a weapon, including but not limited to: firearms, explosives, clubs, knives, whips or any other object(s) (see the Props and Weapons FAQ) that may place others in immediate apprehension of danger or which may cause danger to others if utilized in a certain manner. The possession of any weapon may only be possessed if authorized in writing by Weapons Check and Security.
  • Possessing any open can, bottle or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverages, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol. The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years of age. Anyone under legal age found drinking or intoxicated will be reported to Facility Management and the Orlando Police Department.
  • Defacing or damaging FANTASM, Official Hotel, or private properties / possessions.
  • Nudity and inappropriate attire.
  • Possessing any illegal substance, narcotic, marijuana or any other illegal drug. FANTASM DOES NOT tolerate the use or abuse of illegal substances in or around FANTASM.
  • Smoking, other than in designated areas.
  • Violating any Federal, State or Local law or ordinance.
  • Violation of the Code of Conduct policies is grounds for immediate loss of your event badge, suspension from FANTASM and convention privileges.


  • Alcohol and illegal substances.
  • Wheeled items/vehicles (excluding mobility assistance devices), including but not limited to: segways, rollerblades, skates, skateboards, wheelies, scooters, bicycles, power wheels type toys (any vehicle on premises that is not an assistance vehicle MUST have the express written permission of FANTASM).
  • Non-wheeled vehicles in nature that would cause a safety or damage issue, including but not limited to things such as: pogo-sticks, and vehicles with caterpillar treads.
  • Revealing and/or offensive attire.
  • Signs of any kind. The only exception will be for cosplays where it can be proven that the character has a sign. Please see USE OF SIGNS below for more details.
  • Weapons, including: Knives, firearms, and other weapons as described in the Florida Statutes Chapter 790. Real guns (working, disabled, or otherwise).
  • Projectile weapons (pellet guns, airsoft rifles, pistols, broadhead arrows, disc guns, paintball markers, water pistols, or other liquid "weapons," etc). Metal blades (knives, swords, sharp items, etc). Chains, spikes, whips, leashes. (PLEASE SEE THE PROP AND WEAPONS FAQ FOR FULL INFORMATION)
  • The use of GLITTER, flash powder, fake blood, fireworks, lasers, electrical flashes, smoke machines, silly string, or any other effect that may cause potential damage, by the entrant are PROHIBITED due to Fire Marshal and the Event Hotel regulations.
  • Any other potentially harmful weapon, prop, or item as determined by FANTASM Security.
  • Smoke or fog machines or similar devices.
  • Laser pointers or similar devices. These items may not be used in public unless you are officially sanctioned to lead or present a convention seminar, panel, workshop, or other convention-sanctioned event.


  • A sign is a piece of cardboard, paper, wood, etc., with words or pictures on it that gives information about something. In this day and age, a sign can also possibly be considered a Tablet, Phone, hand held device of any type, etc...
  • All signs, whether for a costume prop or not, are prohibited unless approved in writing for specific use by FANTASM. Unapproved signs will be confiscated and repeat offenses may lead to individuals being asked to forfeit your attendee badge and may result in being banned from the convention.
  • While we understand that signs are sometimes used as a way to meet people and as conversation starters, there are too many instances of offensive content or signs that amount to flat out panhandling.
  • No signs will be permitted except for those signs that are a readily established part of a costume (i.e. the sign must be part of the standard "look" of the character, such as the sign carried by Genma the Panda from Ranma 1/2 or Phoenix Wright characters).
  • Attendees wishing to post articles, notices, find others, or get a message across should use the bulletin boards provided.
    IMPORTANT: According to the Orlando Police Department, signs asking for food, money, hugs, etc. are considered panhandling and signs offering to exchange any sort of sexual favor (intercourse, kisses, hugs, glomps, etc. - Yes, Hugs and Glomps can sometimes be considered this) are considered solicitation.
  • Signs with offensive content are not allowed regardless of whether they are "in character."
  • Signs in violation of this policy will be confiscated (NOTE: REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS! - Tablets, etc..) and offenders will be considered in violation of the disruptive behavior policy.
  • IMPORTANT: Any sign that is BLATANTLY sexual in nature and offers sex/intercourse for exchange will be reported to the Official Hotel and the Orlando Police Department. No exceptions!
  • Please note that this policy applies to all types of signs, regardless of construction or type. FANTASM staff decisions regarding signs are final.


Props Policy (see Prop / Weapon Policies for full list):

  • Real weapons are banned in the convention areas, regardless if they are functional or not, per Official Hotel Regulations and Florida General Laws.
  • All items as listed in the Prohibited Items list are not allowed. There are no exceptions to this, regardless as to whether the item is functional or not.
  • All fake and prop guns must have an orange tip, whether glued plastic or painted.
  • All prop weapons must be inspected and peace-bonded each day of the convention.
  • Prop/Weapons check is established in the convention lobby area.
  • Other props may be required to be inspected and peace-bonded by FANTASM Security, at the discretion of FANTASM staff.
  • An individual with an unapproved item will either be asked to remove the item immediately or, at FANTASM Security's discretion, have it confiscated without warning. If confiscated, upon exit of the convention center, the owner may reclaim it; however, any item found to violate city, state, or federal law may not be returned at the discretion of the Orlando Police Department.
  • FANTASM Security cannot and will not approve a prop prior to the convention.
  • Fake guns and other prop weapons should not be carried outside the convention center area. The Official Hotel and Orlando Police Department will treat anyone carrying realistic looking weapons as a LEGITIMATE THREAT AND WILL TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION!
  • Members who do not comply with this policy or are deemed repeat offenders will be subject to removal from Official Hotel facilities.

Hotel Code of Conduct:

  • Any individual responsible for damages to hotel property, or endangering his/her own or anyone else's safety, he/she and potentially any or all of his/her roommates will be ejected from the hotel and have his/her Badge to FANTASM revoked. Individuals involved will be held legally and financially responsible. Hotel administration may prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times. At the Official Hotel's discretion, after disturbances from a room, the guests may be ejected from hotel property and subsequently, their Badge(s) to FANTASM may be revoked.
  • Hotel guests must comply with the listed occupancy limits for each room. Failure to do so may result in being ejected from hotel property.
  • No masks may be worn in the hotel areas of the Official Hotel.
  • No solicitation of any kind shall take place in the hotel areas of the Official Hotel.
  • No inappropriate behavior of any kind in the hotel areas of the Official Hotel.
  • Absolutely no costumes other than readily identifiable swimwear related to the costume in any pool.
  • No inappropriate attire or costumes of any kind in hotel areas. Remember, normal patrons may not understand cosplaying.
  • No Prop/Weapons shall be transported from the hotel area to the convention area without taking proper precautions.

Autograph Policy:

  • Attendees may not line up for autograph sessions more than 30 minutes prior to start.
  • Staff may end the line prematurely.
  • Attendees are limited to two items for signing per each guest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Photos will be available with the guests during scheduled photo-op times. Times TBD.
  • Going behind the guest's table or having the guest move in front of the table is not allowed.
  • Attempting to stay with a guest for longer than the reasonable time of the autograph is not allowed.
  • All rules are non-discriminatory and remain in place and effect no matter who you are (vendor, artist, industry professional, business owner) unless you are staff of FANTASM and authorized to be with a guest.

Dance Policy:

  • No bottles (glass or plastic) or cans are allowed. Water is provided.
  • Any drink container will be subject to check by Security.
  • Bags, purses, and backpacks of any kind are not allowed.
  • Props are not allowed.
  • Attendees entering the dance are subject to voluntary searches for contraband (weapons, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances). Attendees may refuse the search, but will not be permitted into the dance.
  • Break dancing and stringing (spinning glow sticks) may only be done in specified areas of the dance floor.
  • Moshing is not allowed.
  • Feet must be on the floor at all times.


  • One pile of flyers may be placed on the table near Registration by a person with a current FANTASM Badge at no charge.
  • No flyers shall be placed or left outside of FANTASM convention space.
  • Flyers from other businesses and conventions are welcomed provided they do not contain any adult, illegal, or inappropriate content as determined by FANTASM.
  • Do not move or obscure other flyers.
  • Characters, names, and logos of FANTASM and ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. properties may not be used without express written consent.
  • Remaining flyers will be discarded at the end of the convention if not reclaimed.
  • FANTASM staff may remove flyers for any reason at any time.
  • FANTASM welcomes handing out flyers to Attendees.
  • Flyers shall only be handed out in convention space.
  • Any individual with a current FANTASM Badge may hand out flyers to attendees but it must be done in a non-harassing or invasive manner both physically and verbally.
  • FANTASM prohibits the use of flyers in smear campaigns against any individual, business, or corporations. This extends to verbal or physical forms of such when handing out a flyer.
  • No individual handing out flyers will at any time perform the following: verbally assault an Attendee, physically touch or assault an Attendee, attempt to hand out a flyer by force or guile, block traffic areas, or attempt to "strong arm" an individual into taking a flyer in any fashion.
  • Any individual handing out flyers may be asked to stop and leave the convention premises if they do not have a current FANTASM Badge or they are in violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • Any argument in the above policies may possibly result in the revocation of your Badge, expulsion from FANTASM, being reported to the Official Hotel, and, in certain circumstances, being reported to the Orlando Police Department.


  • Keep the volume low within the convention facilities and other public areas.
  • If FANTASM or the Official Hotel staff asks any individual to turn down the volume on a device, he/she must comply immediately without argument.
  • Three incidents will result in the offender having his/her Badge to FANTASM revoked and potentially prohibited from attending future FANTASM and ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. events.


  • Photographs and digital/videotape footage by attendees are generally allowed in all common areas of the convention. Specific rules and restrictions regarding video, audio, and photography apply to certain specific events. Please consult the program guide at the convention for information relating to specific restricted events.
  • Please obtain permission first when photographing or videotaping individuals or costumes. If someone asks or otherwise indicates that they do not wish to be photographed, do not photograph them. Continued persistence of photographing someone after being asked to stop may result in Security having to deal with it or a harassment charge.
  • Photography or videography of FANTASM events, staff, or attendees for the purpose of sale, or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained from ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC., as well as the Official Hotel in accordance with its press policy. Individuals may take pictures and videotapes for private viewing and identify all images, sound bites and clips of FANTASM events as FANTASM events.
  • Video footage of the convention and attendees is gathered by staff members, including public areas, events, and panels, and may be used in a highlights tape, marketing endeavor or other media use. Acceptance of an FANTASM Badge constitutes consent to be filmed or photographed by FANTASM staff, approved industry, or media during the FANTASM event without explicit notification or compensation to you. Your acceptance of a Badge and attendance at any FANTASM or ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. event, including the convention, constitutes a grant of rights to FANTASM and ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise use any film or video footage that it affixes in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including on the internet, broadcast, satellite and other transmissions.
  • These rules apply to all attendees (exhibitors, guests, press, or any type of Badge level). All members of the press and staff are additionally required to conform to FANTASM’s Press Policy and we encourage attendees to become familiar with those rules.


  • Any of the following repercussions may occur for violations. All repercussions are subject to the discretion of FANTASM and the Official Hotel staff.
  • Verbal warning from FANTASM or the Official Hotel staff.
  • Confiscation of prohibited items. Confiscation may be permanent, or until the item can be safely removed from convention premises.
  • Ejection from convention premises and revocation of Badge or admission to FANTASM.
  • Barring admittance to future FANTASM and ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. events.
  • Ejection from hotel facilities including guest rooms.
  • Financial and legal responsibility for damages.
  • Reporting to the Orlando Police Department for illegal activities or substances.


During the convention an Information Services will be located at Registration for questions, concerns or inquires. Check your Event Map or program guide for location.

If you need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to approach anyone on the FANTASM staff or contact us online.

FANTASM and/or ENCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. reserve the right to modify and/or update the Code of Conduct at any time.

September 15 - 17, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL
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