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Monster Mayhem Model Kit Contest!


Do you enjoy building and recreating your favorite scenes from movies so they remain forever frozen in place on you shelf for all time! If you do, then this is your chance to show off your time-locked masterpieces to everyone at Fantasm!

Model kits have been a mainstay for fandom as long as we can remember and they are more popular today than ever before! So let your imagination and creation run wild with Candlelight Fx's Sci-Fi and Horror model competiton.

This contest is open to contestants REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL!! So, make sure to join the fun as a contestant, stop by to take pictures of all the fabulous creations and cheer for your favorite artist!

Join your hosts, award winning modllers Dean Blackwelder and Rob Righter from Candlelight Fx, in this one day event as they

Sponsored by:
Candlelight Fx
~"Encourage the hobby and create the ultimate showcase for modeling excellence!"


Location: Art Show Room
Time: All Weekend
Judging: Sat 4pm-6pm

Contest Rules:


Each Entrant/Model MUST individually fill out the following PDF and send it to with the subject:
Monster Mayhem Model Kit Contest! 

You may also enter the contest at the event if you don't pre-register. Entry at the event wihout pre-registering is based on table space availabiltiy for your entry. You may be denied if there is no space left.


Cost for Each Individual Entry: $10.00

Entry fee MUST be paid upon checking in at the contest location on Saturday at the convention.
Entries will not be allowed to be displayed if the Entrant has not paid the entry fee(s).

We Accept Models in the Following Genres:

  • SF / Fantasy Figures / Vehicles(includes robots)
  • Horror Figures
  • Super Heroes & Super Villains
  • Mecha (mobile suits)
  • Anime Figures
  • Dinosaurs
  • Kaiju (giant monsters)
  • Humor & Super Deformed

Judging Categories:

  • Best In Show
  • Best Paint Application
  • Best Technical
  • Best Scratch Built
  • Best Diorama

Setup and Breakdown Times:

  • Setup time for displays is in the Art Show Room starting Friday at 1pm and all entrants must be checked in no later than Saturday at 11am. Late entrants may be disqualified.
  • All entrants will get a claim ticket for their entries. Claim tickets must be shown to pick up your model after the end of the contest.
  • Breakdown will be Sunday starting at 4pm till 6pm. Any entries left over at this time that are not claimed will automatically become property of Candlelight FX.


  • Judging will commence once all the entries have arrived or at 4:00 pm, whichever comes first.
  • Awards will be presented/listed at 6:00 pm.

Contest Rules:

  • Entrants must have a valid Saturday pass for Fantasm at the minimum to enter the contest area.
  • Proxies: Model must be built & painted by modeler entering contest. Entries by proxy are allowed but must be declared to Contest Officials in advance (violators will be disqualified).
  • Exclusions: Candlelight Fx and Fantasm staff, contest core personnel, judges and sponsors are prohibited from entering contest.
  • Size/Dimensions: Entries may not exceed our size limitation of 20"d x 20"w x 20"h.
  • “Mature” Subjects: Due to the family nature of the Fantasm Orlando experience, it is show policy that models depicting nudity and those containing violent or “adult” subject matter will not be accepted for entry. Figures are subject to review for content by the Contest Chief.
  • Modeler is allowed to place their own model on contest table, but MUST be accompanied by contest usher, who will give you a claim check. Due to liability, Modeler MUST immediately exit contest area after placement of entry.
  • Removal of models: Once entered, models cannot be removed from contest early and must remain during it's entire duration. Early removal automatically disqualifies entrant. At the end of the contest duration, proper claim check must be shown to usher who will accompany you to remove model! No Exceptions!
  • Disputes: All Judges’ decisions are final! No Exceptions!
  • Liability: Candlelight FxFantasm Orlando, Encompass Entertainment, LLC. assumes no liability or responsibility in case of accidents involving models or for property lost, stolen or damaged. Breakage of an entry by another entrant may result in that entrant being responsible for liability for damages.

Sale of Models:

Owners may put price tags for sale on their models. Models that are sold may NOT be removed from the Art Show Room until Sunday. All sale prices are set by model owners.


Do I need to buy a pass for Fanasm to enter my models or to just see the entries as an attendee?
Yes, In order to access the area the contest is in, you must have at least a valid Saturday pass for Fantasm. The convention is hosting the competition and if you want to see it grow, supporting the convention is a necessity.

After I set up, may I take a picture of me with my model?
You may take pictures of you and your model during setup but may not stay in the setup area any longer than is necessary and leave immediately when you are finished.

May I take pictures of other models?
You may absolutely take pictures of all the models.

I don't like how someone else's model is posed. I want to change it!
You may not touch other entrant's entries. Doing so may earn you an immediate disqualification.

I'm not finished with my model yet. May I work on it during the event?
Your entry must be in a finished state in order to display it. You may not work on your entry at the event unless it's under special circumstances and you have permission of the Judges.

Wait! My model broke while I was setting it up! Am I allowed to fix it?
Yes! if something happened to your entry during setup, please show the damage to the judges and you will be allowed to repair it if the repair process is simple enough that it won't disrupt the contest or violate any rules of Fantasm. All decisions by the Judges will be final.

I'm running REALLY late and want to set up my model after juding is done and the awards are given out. Can I still set up my model?
No. We're sorry. You may not set up after 4pm. Please be on time for setup as in it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants.

Hey! I COMPLETELY forgot about picking my model up cuz I was too busy doing other horror related things! I'm going to pick up my model Sunday morning. Will you still be there so I can get my model?
No! We will not be there! The contest ends Saturday night at 8:00 pm for breakdown. Any models left over will become property of Candlelight Fx. Please pick up your model on time.

I'm wearing a HUGE costume with GIANT wings! Can I go pose by the models?
PLEASE! PLEASE!....AGAIN...PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! We certainly don't want any displays broken and we don't want anyone feeling badly because they did so on accident!

My model was better than all the others and I didn't win! I intend to be a sore loser and cause a ruckus I dare say!
Please be a good sport and understand that others entries were picked because not everyone can win. This contest is also about networking and learning new skills. We ask everyone to be an exemplary representative of this great hobby.

OMG! That model is so incredibly cool! I want to buy it! Can I purchase it from you?
Models may be for sale by their owders; however, models may not be removed from the Art Show Room until Sunday.

September 15 - 17, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL
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