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Eugene Clark

Eugene Clark brings a career in theatre, television and film that is fascinating and diverse. A veteran of more than 100 television productions and 15 feature films, he won a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy) for Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series for his work on the hit TV series Night Heat.

He starred as Mufasa in Disney's The Lion King onstage in Toronto for two years, as Horse in The Charlottetown Festival's production of The Full Monty in P.E.I., and starred as the lead zombie Big Daddy, in George A. Romero's long awaited Land of the Dead. He has appeared in the films Trailer Park Boys - The Movie; Resurrecting the Champ, and the TV series The L. A. Complex; Space Riders - Division Earth; The Latest Buzz, Sue Thomas F B Eye, Wingin' It and The Line. He was the 2nd lead in William Shatner's made for television movie series TekWar. He received critical acclaim for his performance as a suicidal Vietnam veteran who lost his arm to Agent Orange in Unnatural Causes, the Emmy Award winning drama starring John Ritter and Alfre Woodard. Acting is just one of Clark's creative outlets.

Singing has long been a love in his life. From the days of singing as a child in his grandfather's church, to singing the national anthem in uniform as a member of the Toronto Argonauts, singing has always been "like breath itself," he says. Distressed by television coverage of Africa's young famine victims, Clark wrote the lyrics, melody, and chorus to Letter from a Concerned Citizen Starvation in Africa. The Canadian Red Cross used the song for their national television and radio campaign to raise funds for their relief efforts in Africa.

Of his three CDs he says, "They speak to the need for effective community and global co-operation, how through assisting each other in times of need we can accomplish anything. These songs motivate and encourage us to be our best, for there is greatness in all of us."

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Chris McKinnell
Industry Guest:  (Founder and director of the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research)

Chris McKinnell is the founder and director of the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research, which carries on the work of his grandparents, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Chris began working with the Warrens in 1980, at the age of 16. After his first incredibly intense night of poltergeist activity, which included two inhuman entities manifesting in front of him and his grandfather, levitation, upside down crosses, pounding and growling that continued for hours emanating from the walls, things flying through the air and a physical assault of the woman of the house by an entity, Chris never looked back.

He has assisted or led investigations on some of the Warrens most famous cases, including the Smurls in West Pittston, PA (The Haunted), Maurice Theriault (The Nun and Satan’s Harvest), the Southington funeral home that became known as The Haunting in Connecticut, as well as several thousands of others around the globe.

From Africa and Asia to Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, as well as right here at home, McKinnell has traveled into the darkest corners of reality exploring the mind bending mysteries of the paranormal. He now leads an international network of paranormal researchers that expands the Warrens’ mission all over the world and continues his research into the many astounding aspects of the paranormal.

Lloyd Pitts
Actor:  (Nightwing Killer - Fear Street)

Lloyd Pitts is a professional Actor , Stunt Man, and Writer for Television and Film. He’s best known for his work as playing the Nightwing Killer in Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy, as well as doubling many heroes across the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Doctor Strange and Captain America/US Agent.

Having grown up and risen within the ranks of martial arts, theater, and improv, Lloyd’s various skill sets led to being cast in the feature film “Battleship” by director Peter Berg, earning him a place in the Screen Actors Guild.

Lloyd plans to use the knowledge he’s gained from over 12 years of performing to transition behind camera both as a writer and director.

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Noah Garret
Actor:  (Skull Mask - Fear Street)

Noah Garret is an American born Actor, Stunt Man, and Professional Martial Artist for Television and Film.

He is best known for his work playing the Skull Mask Killer in “Fear Street 1994”, as well as designing the Fight scenes for “Coming Two America” alongside Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, and Arsenio Hall. He has stunt doubled Iconic characters on Cobra Kai such as Miguel, Daniel Larusso, Cruz, and Demitre.

Noah stays active in the Martial Arts community judging martial arts events and teaching seminars for the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA).

Noah recently wrapped Netflix’s largest budgeted feature film “Red Notice” as an Action Actor alongside Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

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Jordyn DiNatale
Actress:  (Ruby Lane - Fear Street)

Jordyn DiNatale was most recently seen terrifying audiences as Ruby Lane in Netflix's horror trilogy "Fear Street", and as Rory in the CrypTV series "The Birch." At the age of 12, Jordyn made her professional theatrical debut at Yale Repertory Theatre in Tony Kushner’s Brundibar and Comedy on The Bridge. This led her to working on Television, guest starring on shows such as Netflix's “The Punisher”, NBC's “Shades of Blue”, CBS's “Madame Secretary", and David Fincher's Netflix thriller series "Mindhunter."

Recently she played Robert DiNiro’s youngest daughter, Young Connie Sherran in Martin Scorsese's Oscar Nominated film “The Irishman”.

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Kevin Waterman
Actor:  (The Milkman - Fear Street)

Kevin grew up in Southern Maine where the opportunity for adventure was prevalent. It was there he learned to ride or drive anything with an engine or wheels in every climate and condition. In his late teens, Kevin competed in amateur-level auto racing on many surfaces, including asphalt, dirt, and ice. In 2007, after many years of working as a service advisor for car dealerships, Kevin decided to pursue his lifelong dream of being a professional stunt driver. A year later Kevin landed a part-time job stunt driving for the live show Lights, Motors, Action, Extreme Stunt Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando Fla., where he continued to work until it's close in April of 2016.

Now residing just south of Atlanta Georgia, Kevin is making a name for himself as one of the top stunt drivers and stunt doubles in Hollywood. He has doubled most of the main actors on The Walking Dead and has other significant credits such as Avengers, Logan, Black Widow, Stranger Things and well over 100 other productions. Lately Kevin has branched out into the acting world where he has played parts such as Florida Man on the T.V. series Atlanta and most recently as The Milkman in the popular Netflix trilogy of Fear Street.

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Beatrice Boepple
Actress:  (Amanda Krueger - Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child)

Most widely known for her iconic role as Freddy Krueger’s mother, Amanda Krueger, in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5: THE DREAM CHILD, Beatrice played the wife to Emilio Esteves’ character in the original STAKEOUT with Richard Dreyfuss, worked with Johnny Depp on TV’s 21 JUMP STREET, and with the 50’s legend, Mikey Rooney, in TV’s the BLACK STALLION RETURNS as well as starring in two Canadian Films, QUARANTINE, where she plays the lead role, and MIDNIGHT MATINEE - an homage to horror films of the way past, (both released in 1998), as well as many appearances in TV, film and stage.

Beatrice Boepple is sponsored by Doomsday's Krypt!

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Airon Armstrong

Airon Armstrong is a well-known stunt man and stunt coordinator. Airon is known for his work on John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum. Furthermore, he is also popular for his work on The Dark Knight Rises and Noah (2014). He has appeared in Nobody Needs to Know as a Kung Fu Fighter in 2003. Recently, he worked as a stunt coordinator on Halloween Kills in 2021, as well as doing stunts himself as Michael Myers.

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Don Shanks
Actor:  (Michael Myers - Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers)

Donald L. "Don" Shanks (born February 26, 1950) is an American actor and stuntman, known for his role as Michael Myers in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, and Nakoma, the Native American friend of the title character in the 1977 television series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. In 2006, he appeared as Ben Willis, the infamous serial killer in the film I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. Recently, Shanks, who is of Cherokee and Choctaw descent, appeared in the film The Last Sin Eater as an Indian chief. It was released in the U.S. on February 9, 2007. He is also known for his work on Dumb & Dumber (1994), Revenge of the Ninja (1983) and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005).

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Chris Durand
Actor:  (Michael Myers - Halloween H20, Actor/Stuntman)

Chris Durand is a stuntman and stunt actor who is best known for his role of psychopath Michael Myers in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.
His other works include Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Armageddon (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001), Demolition Man (1993), Armageddon (1998), Smokin' Aces (2006), and Star Trek Generations (1994).

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Christopher Nelson
Industry Guest:  (SPFX Artist / Writer / Actor)

Academy Award winner and 2 time Emmy winner Christopher Nelson is one of the top make-up FX artists and personalities in the film and television industry. His career spans almost 3 decades, earning him one of the most versatile, well rounded, and respected artist reputations today. Christopher has worked on and created some of the most iconic characters throughout film... from Marvel and DC to horror and sci-fi. His credits include Sin City, Kill Bill, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, BrightAvengers: Infinity War as well as the new Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends from Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green in which he designed and created the FX and was thrilled to create the return of Michael Myers (The Shape). 

Christopher is also known for his acting roles in Kill Bill as the Groom, Criminal Minds, Vacancy 2, The Tripper, Inherent Vice, and as Officer Francis inHalloween (2018). 

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Mike Christopher
Actor:  (Hare Krishna Zombie - Dawn of the Dead (1978))

Mike Christopher is best known for his portrayal of the Hare Krishna Zombie in the 1978 classic horror movie “Dawn of the Dead” directed by George Romero.

Originally, a synthesizer/keyboardist performing with a bald, space themed theatrical band named FLUID, he already had the look when Romero cast him for the role of a Krishna devotee turned by the zombie outbreak. His pivotal role caused Fran, the female lead, to reassess her situation and decide to learn how to shoot weapons and fly the chopper.

Shortly following the release fo Dawn, he moved to Los Angeles to work within a variety of media types. He performed laser light shows with Laserium and Laser Media, became lead audio tech for Oberheim and Kurzweil Synthesizers, worked as a session musician, colorized  black and white movies then helped to expand quality control operations for 35 mm film to digital videotape mastering. 

In 2008, he was surprised to learn “Dawn of the Dead“ had become wildly popular and began appearing at Horror Conventions while making cameo appearances in Herschel Gordon Lewis’ “The Uh-Oh” Show” as a ticket scalper, a truck mechanic in the remake of “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and as a director of a Psychiatric institute in the yet to be released prequel “Night of the Living Dead: Genesis”. Michael’s only lead role to date is “Joe Vampire”, an ultra low budget movie filmed in the Tampa Bay Area.

Currently living in East Central Florida, he has returned to his musical roots, composing music in his home studio and providing occasional music for motion pictures.


  • $20 per signed photo/item.
  • Free self photo-op.

*All sales are cash only.

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Bob Michelucci
Industry Guest:  (Scope Zombie - Dawn of the Dead; Publisher, Producer)

In 1970, Bob was hired as a “Creative Apprentice” at Mel Richman Creative Marketing Services in Pittsburgh. In 1974, he moved on as a graphic production artist with Dick Z Associates, again in downtown Pittsburgh. Bob is one of the “pioneers” of the independent horror publishing field. His first book was THE COLLECTORS GUIDE TO MONSTER MAGAZINES in 1977, self-published along with Dick Zdinak, it was considered the “bible” for film-monster magazine collecting. Bob published an updated second COLLECTORS GUIDE in 1988 complete with Jack Davis cover art. In 1978, he partnered with Bill Wilson to design and co-publish a slick sci-fi magazine called QUESTAR under the business name of MW Communications and that magazine reached 100,000 circulation at its peak in 1981. In 1979, The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award.

In 1981 he formed IMAGINE, INC. and began a long career publishing and designing now classic trade paperback titles including Tom Savini’s GRANDE ILLUSIONS & GRANDE ILLUSIONS BOOK 2, Dick Smith’s MONSTER MAKE-UP HANDBOOK, THE COMPLETE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD FILMBOOK, EROTICISM IN THE FANTASY CINEMA (introduction by Chris Lee), FORREST J ACKERMAN, FAMOUS MONSTER OF FILMLAND (Introduction by Vincent Price) and BRUNO SAMMARTINO, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WRESTLING’S LIVING LEGEND.

Bob also began working a full-time job as a production artist in the WQED Design Center in the early eighties and worked his way up to Print Production Manager until he left in 1993. In 1993, Bob acted as Chairman for the ZOMBIE JAMBOREE…The 25th Anniversary Convention for the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in Pittsburgh, PA that brought together the original cast for the first time in twenty-five years. He had previously chaired two other conventions in Pittsburgh: FANTASY FILM CELEBRITY CON in 1978 & CON 2 in 1979. The ’79 show was British actress Caroline Munro’s first US convention appearance.

Other publishing projects include another magazine titled SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED with over twenty Playboy style issues published (Edited by John Russo and Art Directed and Designed by Bob), SCREAM BEAT, DRIVE-IN CINEMA and MAKING MOVIES and several trading card sets including five series of SCREAM QUEENS, two editions of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (with FANTACO), TOM SAVINI GRANDE ILLUSIONS (with FANTACO), WRESTLING LEGENDS, FANTASY GIRLS series 1 & 2, YOU SLAY ME, two series of DARK SHADOWS cards and three DARK SHADOWS limited edition 18X24 illustrated prints by John Graziano.

In 1978, Bob played the “SCOPE ZOMBIE” in George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD, he also played a priest in CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DEAD and a cop in John Russo’s SANTA CLAWS. Bob’s wife Dee and daughter Dawn acted in John Russo’s SANTA CLAWS and Dee was the ZOMBIE MOM and Dawn was the ZOMBIE DAUGHTER in the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 30th Anniversary Edition produced in 1998.

In 2000, Bob reunited with former partner, Jim Aiello, Sr. and worked on a restaurant project called SORRISO PIZZA PERFECT, PASTA PERFECT located in Greenville, PA and in 2001, he managed a full-service Italian Restaurant called LOCANTE’S PIZZA & PASTA CAFE located in Mt. Lebanon, PA until late 2004. In 2004 he began and managed, Rossi’s Pop-Up Marketplace in North Versailles, PA, a converted twenty screen theater into a discount shopping mall and flea market. As of 2018, he continues as General Manager. Bob’s current projects include compiling and publishing his most recent three books titled MEMORIES OF THE LIVING DEAD and “Bob Michelucci’s MONSTERous Portfolio” and his most recent title “THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE GREATER PITTSBURGH ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY”. Another project is he is currently working on is to open THE GREATER PITTSBURGH ENTERTAINMENT MUSEUM in the Pittsburgh area. His hobby is photography.


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Dee Michelucci
Actress:  (Zombie Mom - NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 30th Anniversary Edition)

Dee Michelucci is the wife of publisher and actor Bob Michelucci. She was actively involved with Imagine, Inc. publishing and was the inspiration for the Deelyte character in the Questar magazine comic strip Just Imagine Jeanie. She also appeared in John Russo’s SANTA CLAWS and as the Zombie Mom in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 30th Anniversary Edition. She was also made up for a role of a zombie in DAWN OF THE DEAD but ended up as a “cutting room floor “ zombie”!


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Austin Janowsky
Industry Guest:  (Actor/Screenwriter/Director, Professional Comic Book Artist)

Austin Janowsky is celebrating working as a professional comic book artist, inker, writer, creator for 27 years and a professional actor, director, producer for the past 5 years.

He has been lucky to be published with Marvel Comics  (Iron Man, Xmen), IDW (Satellite Falling), Image (Invincible), Top Cow (Tomb Raider), Dynamite (Red Sonja), Space Goat (Evil Dead 2 Tales of the Ex-Mortis), Alias (10th Muse/Shi), Devil's Due/First Comics (Nightmare World) plus a bunch of indie books!

Presently Austin's comic "Stanley the Snowman" is coming out with Scout Comics, Divine Retribution is coming out with Second Sight Publishing and Zombie's We're Human Too with Tin Sky Comics

Austin has worked with Feature films, TV and commercials. 

  • cast in Black Veil created by (Blair Witch Project) Dan Myrick, (Final Destination) Jeffery Reddick
  • cast in 45 Seconds coming to NETFLIX
  • cast in Painkiller with Michael Pare
  • cast in Fan series "Sleepwalker
  • cast in South of Central with (Stranger Things) Joe Davison
  • cast in Share or Die as Rob, father to the lead.

Mortem happens trailer:

Zombies We're Human Too FB page:

Austin will be doing limited commissions during the show. Email him at: for pricing.


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  • Photos 8x10: $10
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Paul St. Peter
Voice Actor:  (Xemnas - Kingdom Hearts, Nine Tail Fox - Naruto, Wormmon - Digimon)

Paul St. Peter, twice nominated for BTVA Awards, is a voice actor from Los Angeles, whose many anime and video game credits include KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ONE PUNCH MAN (Beast King), DIGIMON (Wormmon, Leomon), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy Riyalgo), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Boden The Imposing), DYNASTY WARRIORS I-IV (Yuan Shao), DIGIMON: THE MOVIE (Kokomon), ZETMAN (Sugito), MAJIN (Majin), TESTIMONY OF THE NEW SHE DEVIL (Valga), BERSERK (Grunbeld), and RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Swahili Zombie). Paul does comical voices too, from WORMMON (Digimon Warriors) to PUNCH (Cowboy Bebop).

Among his other game, anime, and feature anime credits are GURREN LAGAAN (Jorgun), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, (Mondego), MONSTER (Dr. Reichwein), PAPRIKA (Konakawa), LUPIN III: THE SECRET OF MAMO (Mamo), DURARARA (Higa), X-COM (Dr. Heinrich), BATTLE B-DAMON (Armada), DIABLO III (Demented Spirit), and DEFIANCE (Burgess). Paul’s voice can also be heard on such titles as MONSTER STRIKE (Death Panda), DRAKENGARD III (Michael The Dragon), JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURES (Wamuu, Dire, Jack The Ripper), NARUTO 7: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM (Kurama), THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Armor Giant), AJIN (Hirasawa), HEARTHSTONE (Igneous Giant), KILLER (Colonel Derick) YS VIII: LACRIMOSA OF DANA (Sahad), ACE COMBAT 7 (various roles), GUNDAM: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS (McMurdo), DRAGON BALL SUPER (Sorbet), HUNTER HUNTER (Razor), and GODEATER II (various roles).

A versatile performer, Paul also sang for four seasons with the San Diego Opera Company, three years with the Civic Light Opera, and appeared in several productions at the Old Globe Theatre. In Los Angeles, Paul has acted at the Globe Playhouse, Richard Basehart Theatre, Palos Verde Shakespeare on The Meadow, performed with the Rogue Artists, and has “gone on the road” for eleven seasons with the Nevada Shakespeare Festival.

As an instructor, Paul has taught speech, accents, dialects, phonetics, vocal production, and Shakespeare at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, California State University Los Angeles, San Diego State University, Los Angeles Broadcasting School, the Windward School, and is a speech and acting coach for Native Voices at the Autry, a Native American Theatre company, and for the Rogue Artists.

Paul’s TV appearances include work on NCIS, LAST MAN STANDING, JESSIE, LEGIT (for FX), RINGER, TIM AND ERIC’S AWESOME SHOW, and the hilarious KEY AND PEELE (Comedy Central.)

Autograph Pricing:

  • $5 per autograph on products (games, posters, DVD’s, videos, etc)
  • $8 per personally autographed photo
  • $10 per voicemail recorded in character
  • $20 per character picture

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Bill Slevin & The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.)
Industry Guest:  (Professional non-profit paranormal research group)

Bill Slevin is the Founder and Lead Investigator of The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) based in Coral Springs, FL. Bill has worked in the paranormal field for over 30+ years with many paranormal experts from all over the world. Bill is an expert in residential hauntings and has been part of well over 500 residential investigations. Bill is a parapsychologist and an expert in Demonology and also an IT director for a psychiatric, drug, and alcohol treatment facility. Bill is also a paranormal educator and public speaker who loves to educate the public all about paranormal and the unknown, he and his team can be seen at various libraries, conventions, schools, and other public events.

Bill is honored to recently being named The Regional Director for the Southeastern US of The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research,, run by Chris McKinnell, the grandson of Ed & Lorraine Warren. This foundation is dedicated to helping people in an ethical and caring way, who believe they are haunted all across the Globe.

Bill was seen on an episode of Destination America’s Ghost Asylum, and has been interviewed on numerous podcasts including Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquart (4/18/22) and can be seen in many magazines and newspaper articles and was recently filmed for a documentary for the Discovery Channel airing 2022.

Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) is a professional non-profit paranormal research group. We research and document all types of paranormal phenomena including claims of hauntings, demonic possession, ghosts, shadow figures, haunted objects, and all other unexplained phenomena. We are an experienced and dedicated paranormal group aimed at assisting residents and businesses with possible paranormal activity. 

P.E.R.S. also has 2 bestselling Horror and Paranormal Novelists on their Team, Benjamin Ethridge & Sara Brooke and their books can be found on

Bill Slevin:
Facebook -

P.E.R.S. Team:
Facebook -
Instagram -
TikTok -
Twitter -

Show Events / Panels for Bill Slevin & The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.)
Kelly Kulmatycky
Paranormal Investigators:  (The Haunted Caretaker)

Kelly Kulmatycky is The Haunted Caretaker. At 27 years old, she has one of the largest collections of haunted items with energies attached to them and has well over 100 items in her care. Every single item has a full history behind it including the full story, investigations, and heritage research. Kelly has spent years connecting with the energies attached to them and feels a calling to take certain items into her care.

Items with a death attached can no longer be bought or sold by the living, they can only be borrowed from those who have stayed behind. Those who have stayed look back at the very last moments of their lives in these objects. The memories of their lives and deaths are like faces on the wrong side of wet windows but Kelly is here to tell their stories. 

Kelly brings her huge collection of haunted items to Fantasm so you can learn details of her favorite items. She will also be happy to look at any haunted items you may bring.


Nick Benson
Industry Guest:  (Special Effects Artist - A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)

Nick Benson is a producer and director, known for Society (1989), Tremors (1990) and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988).

Nick Benson's appearance is sponsored by Doom Castle!

Doom Castle:

Show Events / Panels for Nick Benson
Monster Manor
Internet Content Creators:  (Horror Podcast)

2021 Rondo Horror Award Nominee, Monster Manor, is an interview series focusing on the contributors and fans of classic and neo-classic horror. Our first season welcomed such iconic guests as Michael Berryman, Daniel Roebuck (Grandpa Munster in the forthcoming Rob Zombie Munsters film), William Crain (Director of Blackula), Universal historian David J. Skal, J. Michael Roddy, PJ Soles, Mimi Craven, and many great artists and creators that have made a mark on the genre we all love!

Now in season 2, even more great guests have given their unique perspective on inspiration, memories, and passions even outside the world of Gods and Monsters!

Scott Fensterer, host and co-creator of Monster Manor, brings with him his great respect for these icons as well as his undying love of monsters that inspired his career in Commercial Arts. A career that has included everything from makeup arts to action figure prototype sculptor, prop fabrication for theme parks and private collectors, and everything in between! His work has been seen the world over in toy shops, theme parks, and on the big and small screens. He owns and operates Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio. 

Mike Kinald is the co-creator of Monster Manor and writes/performs the sketch segments of the show. He, like many kids of the seventies, grew up watching the old television horror hosts like Zacherly and the Chiller Theater television show, so it was natural for him to couple his love and respect for these great hosts with his love of improv… and "Boris Vyoryetski" was born!

Monster Manor is the official podcast for Fantasm!


Show Events / Panels for Monster Manor
Scott Fensterer
Industry Guest:  (Owner, Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio; Creator and Host of Monster Manor.)

Scott’s love for classic monsters began after seeing an old Castle Films 8mm home movie of Universal’s Frankenstein. It inspired his life-long fascination with art in cinema… From design to makeup, this passion continued to grow through his childhood. While other kids were busy watching movies, Scott was busy making them with neighborhood friends. This lifelong affection for his “lovable monsters” spreads into every corner of his world!

Since that time, Scott has been in the commercial arts field for over 25 years, working in film (Madea’s BOO – Special Makeup Effects Department), television (Robot Chicken, Season 5, Face Off/Game Face), toy prototype production (Mego, Proto-Hype Studios, Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio), theme parks (Universal Studios, Walt Disney Corp), haunts, and more, but is best known for his appearances on the hit SYFY series FACE OFF and its spin-off, GAME FACE. He has won numerous awards, and was a 2019 nominee for the coveted Rondo award for “best event” for Gill-A-Bration, the 65th anniversary celebration the Creature from the Black Lagoon, an event held at Silver Springs, one of the filming locations of the series and attended by Ricou Browning, David J. Skal, and James-Michael Roddy.

Scott and Monster Manor co-creator, Michael Kinald conceptualized Monster Manor following a comment comparing his home to that of Gomez and Morticia Addams… A Monster Manor. With that, Monster Manor was born. By November of 2020, the show page was launched… and by January 2, 2021, the premier episode aired. Scott interviews each guest with respect and appreciation for the work they bring us.

Studio Page:
Monster Manor Page

Show Events / Panels for Scott Fensterer
Boris Vyoryetski
Internet Personality:  (Boris of Monster Manor and Host of Boris's Spooky Fun-Time Movie Show)

Boris was supposed to give us a bio, but he got distracted and wound up turning in this instead, "Boris is an enigma wrapped inside of a mysterious turnip’ on a used  Publix Sub  wrapper... DISCLAIMER!

Boris can be seen on Monster Manor as it’s resident nuisance!

Show Events / Panels for Boris Vyoryetski
Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand is the five-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated author (and zero-time winner, but he lost to Stephen King twice!) of over 50 books, including Pressure, Clowns Vs. Spiders, A Bad Day For Voodoo, and My Pretties. Cemetery Dance Magazine said “No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand’s perfect mixture of comedy and terror.” Several of his books are being adapted into motion pictures, and though he’s not allowed to blab the details in this bio, he promises you there’s really cool stuff happening with them. Jeff lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Show Events / Panels for Jeff Strand
Maria DeVivo
Author:  (The Coal Elf Chronicles, The Altered)

Maria DeVivo writes dark fantasy and horror novels for adults and young adults. When not writing, she teaches language arts and journalism to middle school students in Florida. A lover of all things dark and demented, she takes pleasure in warping the comfort facord in her readers minds. Her works include the Amazon best-selling trilogy The Coal Elf Chronicles, The Altered, The Altered: Plague Within, and Aestrangel The Fallen.

Show Events / Panels for Maria DeVivo
Steve Altier
Author:  (Author The Lizardville Ghost Stories, The Ghost Hunter, The Gabby and Maddox adventure series)

Steve Altier is a bestselling paranormal, mystery, suspense writer. Known for his multi-award-winning series, The Lizardville Ghost Stories, and Amazon bestseller, The Ghost Hunter. He also has a fun line of middle-grade stories, The Gabby and Maddox adventure series. Several of his works have appeared in the national literary magazine “Story Monsters Ink”.

Steve was born in a small town in central Pennsylvania, aka Lizardville where he grew up in the old dam keeper's house. He currently lives in Florida with his wife. Steve has four daughters and a house full of cats.

He’s an avid reader who also enjoys bowling and spending time at amusement parks. He loves to travel, take trips to the beach, or just lay around the pool with family and friends. With his vivid imagination, he enjoys writing. Check out Steve’s world at

Show Events / Panels for Steve Altier
Amanda Byrd
Author:  (Britney Cage Serial Killer Novels)

Amanda has a love of horror and borderline obsession with fictional serial killers. She frequently makes Hannibal, Harry Potter, and Dexter references in “normal” conversation. She is also a full-time psychology major. When not writing, Amanda can be found reading, playing video games, or watching shows and movies like Mindhunter, Hannibal, Harry Potter, or DexterAmanda currently resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and their cats.

Show Events / Panels for Amanda Byrd
B.B. LeClere
Author:  (THE SECRET WAR OF 1834)

BB LeClere is the names of the two authors the father/daughter team of Bill, and Becca and they playfully argue over whose name is represented by the first B. 
Both are avid readers of a wide variety of books from the early classics to the modern ones and have experience in various reenacting genres, through the age of chivalry to the age of pirates, and more. They both have a passion for history and fiction and it is their intention to carry historical accuracy into their stories for a truer and more immersive experience for readers.

Bill LeClere
Bill spent most of his life reenacting in some fashion. Starting in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), to captaining his own Pirate Reenactment group, to being employed with both The Black Raven Pirate Ship and the Old Florida Museum in St. Augustine. He used these experiences along with plenty of research to co-create an authentic historical fiction. He also enjoys, spending time with his family and seeking new adventures.

Becca LeClere
A confessed bibliophile, Becca was reading fantasy and sci-fi novels from a young age. This love of reading grew into a love of writing and, with her father, paved the way to their first co- authored novel. She also enjoys gaming, gardening, cooking, and cross-stitch. She lives in Florida with her daughter and a small menagerie of animals.

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JM Paquette
Author:  (Klauden's Ring series, Conjuring Fascination Series)

Author of the Klauden’s Ring Saga and the Conjuring Fascination series, JM Paquette writes fantasy and paranormal romance novels. When she isn’t writing, she can be found teaching English to college students as Dr. Paquette or watching her favorite Russian shifter romance movie, I Am Dragon. Her areas of expertise include the history of the English language and the intricacies of grammatical rules, but her favorite class to teach is on Lord of the Rings. (If you’ve ever wondered why English is a crazy language, watch her video series on YouTube under Editor JMPaquette!) She enjoys editing manuscripts for academic and creative writers alike, and she adores tabletop roleplaying (THAC0, anyone?) where her halfling ranger/Twi’lek adept/vampire wizard/[insert race and class here] is often underestimated. You can also find her guest co-hosting the podcast Drinking with Authors--even though she doesn’t drink, she loves getting to know fellow authors!

Check out JM Paquette at and, on Twitter @authorjmp and @editorjmp13, and as Author JM Paquette on Facebook and Instagram.

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C.R. Rice
Author:  (The Realm Series)

C.R. Rice is a fantasy/sci-fi writer, currently immersing you in the Realm Series. As someone who grew up in a small town, she has always loved escaping into the world of fantasy, paranormal, and legend. C.R. has dedicated herself to creating that same opportunity for anyone who wants to escape the boring reality of real life. Through the years, she has traveled to dozens of different states and countries, has lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and now Florida! While they all have their own unique treasures, she admits to favoring the sunny southern states over the chilly northern ones, though there is nothing like curling up with a wonderful book by the fire as the snow falls outside the window.

Some of her favorite reads are Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series, The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld, and The Hallow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle. When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband by the pool.

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Valerie Willis
Author:  (Cedric, Writer’s Bane: Research)

Valerie Willis is the Chief Operating Officer for 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., an expert digital typesetter, and a Fantasy Paranormal Romance author based out of Central Florida.  When writing, she loves crafting novels with elements inspired by mythology, superstitions, legends, folklore, fairy tales, and history. As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the design of all books including covers, typesets, and author branding where she pulls in creative print design while making versatile eBooks.

You can find her hosting workshops or attending as a guest speaker at many events (MegaCon, DragonCon, OCLS Writers Conference, Florida Writers Conference, Author Learning Center, SavvyAuthors, Women in Publishing Summit, etc.). She has been on panels with best-selling authors from Peter David to Delilah Dawson sharing her expertise in novel writing, research for fiction, worldbuilding, character development, book design, reader immersion and more. You can also find her co-hosting on occasion on the Drinking with Authors Podcast speaking with Jonathan Maberry, Heather Graham, Megan Mackie, and many more on their own journeys of becoming an author!

Her Award-Winning Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance, The Cedric Series, is a wonderful blend of genres that appeal to a wide range of readers described as “dramatic, lustful, and fantasy fulfilling.” The motto here is: “No immortal is beyond the ailments of man” and that includes powerful creatures, demons, witches, and Gods themselves! Many of the monsters presented in the content is derived from Medieval Bestiaries and adds a fun flavor of new yet deeply rooted assortment of creatures such as Coin Iotair, Shag Foal, Cynocephali, and many more.

For readers looking for fantasy male x male romance check out her pen name under V.C. Willis with the Traibon Family Saga starting with books The Prince’s Priest and The Priest’s Assassin. If you are looking for steamy paranormal erotica, chase down Urban Legends and modern tellings of Fairy tales with Honey Cummings.

In 2020, she joined 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. to bring over a decade of typesetting skills and industry knowledge to the table. Nothing is more rewarding for her than making fellow author’s dreams come to life in physical format. Designing and writing books has been a longtime passion since childhood of hers and she continues to inspire and encourage authors around the world whenever possible.

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Bridgett Nelson
Author:  (Author: A Bouquet of Viscera)

Once an operating room registered nurse, Bridgett Nelson so enjoyed playing with human organs, she decided to turn her macabre interest into a horror writing career. She loves bubble baths (because nothing says spooooky writer like orange-scented bubbles), hates not knowing what’s swimming in the water with her, lives for Halloween season (but loathes chainsaw-wielding dudes in haunted houses), adores her West Virginia University Mountaineers, is very pro-Oxford comma, and thinks bananas are absolutely disgusting.

Bridgett has contributed to multiple anthologies, including COUNTING BODIES LIKE SHEEP, edited by K Trap Jones and published by The Evil Cookie Publishing. Her debut collection, A BOUQUET OF VISCERA, is now available in all formats.

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Tyson Hanks
Author:  (Invasive Species, Greetings from Barker Marsh, Kneeling in the Silver Light, The Dark and Stormy Night, Sanitarium Magazine, Ghosts, Goblins, Murder & Madness: Twenty Tales of Halloween)


Tyson Hanks is the author of multiple short stories that have been published in numerous collections, including the World War 1 horror anthology Kneeling in the Silver Light, The Dark and Stormy Night, Sanitarium Magazine and Ghosts, Goblins, Murder & Madness: Twenty Tales of Halloween, published by Dark Ink Books. His debut novel, Greetings from Barker Marsh, was published in 2016, and his new novel, Invasive Species, which he coauthored with horror writer John Catapano, is scheduled for release by Halloween, 2019.  He was a semi-finalist in a Seattle-based horror screenwriting contest and also serves as a judge with the Florida Writers Association. Tyson is an Army veteran and currently lives in Florida, where he works as a freelance writer. 

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John Catapano
Author:  (Invasive Species, Genre trivia books and short stories)

John Catapano is an author, an artist, and an engineer. He had his first paranormal experience at age 6. While in college he met Ed and Lorraine Warren and helped them investigate two cases. He has written books, independent comics, and graphic novels  on diverse topics such as a genre movie trivia book to one founded in the Cthulhu mythos. Invasive Species is the latest novel written by himself and Tyson Hanks that is set in Central Florida. His genre trivia book and short stories are available at He currently is working on two novels, both with Central Florida locales.

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Eerie Florida - Mark Muncy
Author:  (Eerie Florida, Freaky Florida)

Mark Muncy is the creator of Hellview Cemetery, a charity haunted house in Central Florida that was so infamous it was banned by the City of St. Petersburg. An author of horror and science fiction, he has spent more than three decades collecting ghostly tales and reports of legendary beasts. His third book for The History Press after the best sellers Eerie Florida and Freaky Florida releases in fall 2019. A frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and Into the Fray Radio as well as numerous other TV and radio shows. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the remains of an ancient midden with his wife, Kari Schultz. Occasionally, he is visited by his daughters when they remember he is still there. 

Kari Schultz is a varied illustrator at Fox Dream Studio who enjoys fantasy and horror. She has been working on art as long as she can remember and reading folklore and horror almost as long. She has illustrated several books of legends and monsters for The History Press including Eerie Florida, Eerie Alabama, and Freaky Florida. She has a thing for foxes. When not drawing she is the caretaker of her baby dragon named Clawdius and her python Missy. She can be lured forth from her home with sushi or pasta. 

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Cat Blackard
Author:  (Author: (The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program) Actor: (Moonbase Theta Out, Open World, The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program) Artist: (The Losers' Club, Halloweenies))

Cat Blackard is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in storytelling. She's the showrunner of the award-winning horror comedy audio drama, The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program; an actor, illustrator, and author of myriad strange stories across a multitude of mediums. She's the founder of the genre-bending media company, Omniverse, host of the legendary Nerdy Show podcast, and a frequent collaborator of The Losers' Club and Halloweenies. Throughout her career in podcasting and journalism she's worked alongside her favorite artists of all time to create meaningful explorations of media and irreverent adventures for outcasts and lovers of the unusual. 

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Scott Tepperman
Industry Guest:  (Ghost Hunters International, Actor, Co-Owner Los Bastardz Productions)

One of the stars of the still-popular reality TV series, SYFY CHANNEL’S GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL (2008-2012), Scott has successfully made the jump from TV to movies and has quickly become a familiar name in the independent film scene, having appeared in such notable horror movies as HELL’S BELLS, DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT 2, THE HOSPITAL 2, THE HOSPITAL 2, CAMP MASSACRE, HYBRID, I DARED YOU! TRUTH OR DARE 5: ANOTHER CRITICAL MADNESS, GRAVEYARD STORIES 2, MEATHOOK MASSACRE IV, and more.

Scott is also the co-owner and co-founder of Los Bastardz Productions, an independent Florida film production company which he runs with his close friend and frequent collaborator, Jim O’Rear. Their newest feature film project, the "80s slasher flick" CRUEL SUMMER premieres in summer 2021.

Scott is also the author of two horror themed books, Overlooked & Underrated: 100 Fantastic Forgotten Films of Horror and Overlooked & Underrated 2: 100 More Home Video Horror Gems. Scott is a huge fan and memorabilia collector of The Honeymooners and is also a lifelong VHS collector of old horror films. He has also recently released two feature-length documentaries, MAGNETIC HIGHWAY: THE RISE, FALL, AND RESURGENCE OF THE INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORE and a sequel, MAGNETIC HIGHWAY - EXIT 2. Scott has also served as a celebrity guest judge for various film festivals - including Atlanta's long-running movie showcase, Buried Alive and has hosted the Freak Show Film Fest, an offshoot of Orlando's popular Spooky Empire horror convention.

For over a decade, Scott has been a non-stop guest at various comic cons, fan conventions, charity events, and trade shows and has gained a large, loyal following in both the paranormal and horror genres.

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Jim O'Rear
Industry Guest:  (Actor, Author, Stuntman, SFX Makeup Artist, Co-Owner Los Bastardz Productions)

Jim O’Rear has been involved in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, beginning his career on tour as The Youngest Professional Magician and quickly transitioning into the world of film and television.

Trained in New York at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Jim has worked steadily as an actor, stuntman, and special make-up effects artist on such projects as STAR TREK IV, STEPHEN KING’S THE BOOGEYMAN, ABC's NASHVILLE, LETHAL 

Wanting to get some of his own ideas onto the screen, Jim successfully moved into the area of screenwriting, selling a number of horror-related screenplays, including THE HOUSE OF PAIN, HAYRIDE SLAUGHTER, VAMPYRE TALES, WOLFSBAYNE, THE 
, and SCREAM FARM. Jim’s writing also includes several novels and paranormal books including Tennessee Ghosts, Mortuary Of Madness, Hollywood Paranormal Films, Traveling in Tennessee and the how-to autobiography Magic, 
Monsters, And Me

As an independent filmmaker, Jim's work as a director/producer has been seen all over the world in the international award-winning hits THE HOSPITAL, CAMP MASSACRETHE HOSPITAL 2, and GHOSTS OF TENNESSEE, just to name a few, and has 
recently released NIGHTBLADE and HELL’S BELLS with his production partner Scott Tepperman under their production label Los Bastardz Productions.

Jim continues to work on several films per year, completing work on DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT 2 (the sequel to the 1973 horror classic), NESSIE & ME, and GRAVEYARD STORIES. As if that isn’t enough, Jim continues to write for horror 
publications all over the world, consult for film and Halloween/haunt projects internationally, and is the founder of Celebrity Ghost Hunters.

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Kilted Creature
Performers:  (Bagpipe Swamp Metal Tribute Band)

You know he’s coming by the roar of his thunder! 

Kilted Creature, Cap’n D. Lucas, The Keeper and the rest of the Crystal Swamp Crew, pay tribute to the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” Universal Studios® Classic Horror Movie Trilogy. Performing their own brand of “Bagpipe Swamp Metal” with Electric Bagpipes, Guitars, Keyboards, Theremin and more! The band has released three albums that all relate to the Creature’s point of view on Life, Love and Murder.

“KC” has personally bagpiped for Julie Adams, Ricou Browning, Suzanna Leigh, Adam West and Burt Ward, as well as many other very well-known good citizens. The Crew filmed their first full length movie this summer titled ’“Turn Around, It’s Me” In Search of Kilted Creature’s Brother~’ and should be released in time for this show!

From Kentucky to Florida, and swamps near and far, the crew has rocked audiences playing their rowdy swamp stompin’ head rockin’ tunes. Performing original songs from their albums and movie, and some cover tunes from the likes of Prince, Dio and Zeppelin ensure enjoyment for all. And now Kilted Creature and Crew bring that experience to Fantasm for the entire audience to take a creature sized bite out of this Devonian Rock!

[ Click here for Concert Information]

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Taylor Dial "thelostonecosplay"
Cosplay Guest

Taylor (thelostonecosplay) is a cosplayer and professional makeup artist from Longwood, Florida. Taylor began cosplaying and attending conventions in 2014. She has been working professionally as a makeup artist since 2017 for Universal Orlando, films, music videos, and other various projects. Taylor has hosted panels over the years at conventions to educate cosplayers on safe makeup techniques. To her cosplay and makeup both bring characters to life in a unique way. Taylor is a also huge horror fan and looks forward being a guest at Fantasm this year. 

Brittney Marie "PsychoticBeautyCosplay"
Cosplay Guest

Born and raised in Queens, New York, PsychoticBeautyCosplay always had a thing for horror. Whether it was begging her siblings to put on Bride of Chucky, or playing resident evil until late into the night. She also had a love for dressing up and as she got older that love only blossomed into a hobby. 

PsychoticBeautyCosplay started her cosplay adventure in 2016, and her only con up until 2018 was Megacon. Amazed at how people could pull off such elaborate characters, she decided to start putting more effort into making her own stuff. Although she does know how to sew she prefers the make up side of things, being a self taught make up artist. One of her favorite things to do is SFX work. 

Now-a-days you can catch her either goofing around at some of her happy places; either running around universal studios as MJ Watson or any other marvel themed cosplay, or hanging out at cocktails and screams. Aside from cosplay, she enjoys gaming, some of her favorite franchises include Resident Evil, Dead By Daylight and Left 4 Dead. When she’s not gaming she is performing with her burlesque troupe The Ybor City Sirens. 

PsychoticBeautyCosplay is ecstatic to see everyone at Fantasm this year!

Suncoast Ghostbusters
Club:  (Ghostbusters Fan Group)

The Suncoast Ghostbusters are always on call to handle all your supernatural elimination needs.  We’ve battle everything from pesky poltergeists to world-devouring demi-gods with nothing but our wits, good looks, and science.  But mostly science!

When we aren’t saving the world from the paranormal, we spend our time fundraising at various events throughout the year raising money for organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

You can also catch us out in the wild at one of several charity events around Tampa Bay and across Florida.  So if you see us out slinging protons or posing for pictures, be sure to say “hi”.  Just remember not to cross the streams!

The Savior Impala
Vehicle:  (Replica Supernatural Vehicle)


With A Name Like Savior, It Has To Be Good.

Step inside the 1967 Chevrolet Impala Supernatural Tribute Car and imagine Sam in the passenger seat or Dean driving beside you. We love Baby, and we know you do too, so why not grab a once in a lifetime shot of this incredible moment...of YOU, as a bona fide Winchester for the day, hunting monsters in the Savior Impala.

We take and print professional photographs, on site, to capture this moment, for less than the price of your soul. Every photo purchase includes a daily raffle ticket for Supernatural Swag you can ONLY get here, plus our mobile shop sells collectibles, merchandise, jewelry and more!

So, before the Apocalypse really hits, get proof that you were a Winchester for the day, with your favorite home on wheels, the Supernatural Tribute Car: The Savior Impala. Come sit in the same Drivers seat that 'Jensen' aka DEAN has ACTUALLY sat inside! Ask me about the experience because stories are always free!

Select Show Props are also available from my weapons box in the trunk, to make your Photo-op that more as Dean would say "Awesome!"

[ Click here for The Savior Impala Photo Experience Landing Page for a SUPERNATURAL amount of information ]

Gavini the Gruntled
Entertainer:  (Master of Guess (Guest) Services)

Who IS Gavini the Gruntled? To be honest, we don’t know for sure. This mysterious mage manifested one lazy Thursday afternoon and never left. Based on Fruit of Luminati Bat depicted upon is mighty Fez dispenser of knowledge, we do know that Gavini is affiliated with the secretive Fruit of the Luminati society. The meaning of GRUNTLED is in good humor: happy, contented (Merriam-Webster dictionary online) – thus Gavini can be considered a happy medium.  As such his services have been contracted by Fantasm to assist with Guest Services (or “Guess Services” as he prefers to call it) and announcements in our magical macabre and more merch room.

Sadly, Gavini’s sidekick, Lawrence the Llama (from Arabia) will not be joining us after an unfortunate misunderstanding with the screen credit writer’s guild and a certain “holy grail.” Instead, we’ve been advised that Gavini rescued an improperly imprisoned, short tarot reader to assist at Fantatasm. In addition to this "small medium at large", Gavini promises a supernatural surprise 25 years in the making!

The Gruntled one will summon the spooky soundtracks of the imagination which have been cleverly crafted by the infamous duo, Midnight Syndicate (our gratitude to Midnight Syndicate for allowing us to use their incredible library of moody music).

Speakeasy Sirens
Entertainers:  (Burlesque Troop)

The Speakeasy Sirens is a cosplay performance troupe based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2016 they've performed at multiple comic book shops, private events, a convention or two and even a haunted house! Having an array of performers skilled in poi, fan work, lyra, silks, gymnastics and more, they incorporate these skills into making their burlesque shows unique and something fresh.

You can find information on upcoming and past shows, auditions and booking on

Theoretical Rejects
Performers:  (Burlesque Troupe)

Theoretical Rejects is a performance group that promotes the idea that everyone deserves a chance to participate in the performing arts regardless of one’s age, sexuality, gender, weight, height, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, appearance, experience or any other factors. Our shows seek to promote the idea of body positivity and claiming ownership of your image and sexuality no matter what you may look like.

By creating a welcoming and educational space, we strive to present a diverse cast with a wide range of backgrounds. In turn, this provides provide a fun, unique, and sexy place for cast and crew to express themselves creatively! 

August 19 - 21, 2022
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL

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