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How are the panels chosen or created at Fantasm?
With the exception of Special Guest, Main Events, and Exhibitor panels, all panels are created and hosted by attendees just like you!

How can I host a panel? Does it cost anything?
The process to host a panel at Fantasm is simple and starts with making sure you have an account at After that, just follow go to the Events -> Schedule page, click on the "Create your own Event/Panel!" button, and follow the form to submit your panel idea to us! Creating and submitting a panel costs you nothing beyond the price of your Fantasm ticket.

I submitted a panel, now what?
Awesome! While we love seeing so many different ideas, we are unfortunately limited on the amount of time and space available. All panels submitted to Fantasm are carefully looked over on a case-by-case basis by our Panel Coordinators and Moderators to make sure we are giving our attendees the best quality events possible. Please be patient once you've submitted your idea, as it may take a few days for the Panel Staff to get to you. If your panel idea passes the scrutiny of our staff, it will be approved and you can move forward to the next step. If not, you will receive a Private Message or email from a member of the Panel Staff explaining why and if there is anything you can do to get your panel approved.

Yay, my panel got approved! Does that mean you'll be giving it a time slot?
First off, congrats on getting your approval email! While we look forward to seeing your panel idea come to life, and we're sure your fellow attendees feel the same, we do not schedule your panel's time slot for you (unless your event was submitted for Main Events or Special Events). This part of the process is solely up to you, that way you are the one who is in charge of your convention schedule! So make sure you select times for your panel once it is approved - first come, first served. Our staff will only ever move a panel's time/day if it is required.

Is there a minimum/maximum time period I can have to run a panel?
The minimum time a panel can be scheduled for is one (1) hour, but in this sense a panel can only run for about 45-50 minutes in order to give enough time for turn-over between panels. While panels can possibly run for longer than an hour, we request panelists to keep their time to only one in order to allow for a larger variety of panels and events. Please be courteous of other Panelists and end your panel on time.

I don't see any Rooms active where I can add my Panel/Event. What do I do?
We start approving Panels/Events before the Panel Rooms are set up since we often times do not know how many we will have. Once the Panel Rooms are active and ready to have Panels/Events scheduled in them, we will send out notification emails to everyone who has been approved.

How do I select my panel time?
First of all, please keep in mind that all panel time slots are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have your schedule set in your mind with a specific time period to host your panel, please make sure you act quickly to secure it before someone else schedules theirs!

The process for panel time selection is simple on in the same area you submitted your panel. If you have any difficulty, please make sure to contact us!

Because my panel got approved that means I can place my panel in Special Events or Main Events if it's a show, right?
While we appreciate the enthusiasm, we must remind everyone that the scheduling of certain rooms is not open to panelists. Only our regular panel rooms will be available to choose from, and only Panel and Administration/Operations Staff will be able to place events/panels in our other rooms, such as Special Guest Track, Main Events, Special Events, and Video Rooms.

I've selected my panel times on multiple days! I can't wait to run this panel for everyone to see!
While we love your dedication for your content, we do need to stress that having a variety of content is key to any event's success. As much as we would like to see you run the same panel or event on more than one day so that as many people as possible can enjoy it, we unfortunately also need to make sure that there is enough time available for everyone that is approved to run panels in. This may mean that we may be required to limit multi-hour and/or multi-day panel requests down to one hour on one day per unique panel. For the fairness of everyone, Panel Staff will moderate panel scheduling as necessary, and when they are required to move or remove a panel time they will contact you directly to let you know why. As the Convention Operations Staff, we do however hold the right to move or remove a panel time if it becomes necessary for the convention; however, we do not like to do it and keep that as a last resort.

How often is the Event Schedule updated on the Fantasm website?
Our Event Schedule is updated as often as events and panels are given their times through If you have submitted your own panel and selected a time, you'll be able to see it appear in the Event Schedule on our website instantly. Nifty, huh?

How many people can host a panel?
You may have as many people on your panel as you like; however, only the person who submitted the panel will receive volunteer credit hours.

I started my panel late because reasons. Can I run over my time?
We are sorry, but we absolutely not let anyone run over their time as it is not fair to the next panel hosts who are waiting their turn. 

Do I get volunteer hour credits for running a panel?
Yes. You will receive volunteer credits for running each individual panel which are applied to your total volunteer time.

How do I turn in my volunteer credits?
After you run your panel(s), please see the panel coordinator and have them check off each panel that you have successfully completed. You will not get credit for panels that you do not show up to or fail to run.

Once you have completed all your volunteer hours to the minimum amount needed for a ticket refund, take your volunteer sheet to registration and present it. You will receive your ticket refund upon verification of your times worked and volunteer credits. Please see the Volunteer FAQ for more information on Volunteering.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive a refund if your sheet has not been signed off on by each respective department head depending on where you worked (Panel Coordinator, Head of Security, Head of Volunteers).

September 15 - 17, 2023
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