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While the primary focus of the art show will be Horror, there will also be science fiction and fantasy items in many forms such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, 3-D art, and more. Everything will be available for immediate purchase, and some items will be available via silent auction.

All convention attendees are welcome to visit the Art Show, which is open Friday through Sunday at the convention. Items won in the silent auction can be picked up on Sunday. Remaining items can then be purchased at post action prices.

Display Space:
Art Show space is available in units of panels or tables. A panel is 4' wide by 5' high and one side only. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Table space is approximately 6' long by 30" deep, the size of a standard hotel table.

Each unit of Art Show space is $20.00. Requests for more than 4 units of space must be cleared with the Art Show Director in advance. Reproductions are allowed. All artwork hung on the reserved panels should be clearly labeled for immediate sale, for the silent auction, or labeled as Not for Sale. A 10% commission will be assessed on all items sold in the Art Show.

Purchasing Space:
You MUST be signed up as a merchant and have "Art Exhibitor" selected in your merchant profile to be able to purchase display areas in the Art Show.

Print Shop:
Fantasm will have a Print Shop. The Print Shop will be located inside the Art Show Gallery. This area features limited edition prints and small items in bulk (stickers, pins, etc.). The Art Show Director reserves the right to limit the number of items in the Print Shop by a single artist, or to request that the items be moved to the regular Art Show area, with applicable fees associated.

All Print Shop items are available for immediate sale, and are not part of the Silent Auction. There is no fee to enter items in the Print Shop, but there will be a 20% commission assessed on items sold in the Print Shop.

Please Note: at this time the Print Shop is NOT a selectable area for purchase in the system.
All Print Shop submissions will need to be directly to with the subject "Art Show Print Shop Submisison".

Displaying Your Art:
All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable, careful handling by the Art Show Staff. We want your work to go home with the buyer in perfect condition. Please help us by not sending fragile artwork! If you do send fragile work, please observe your shipper's packing guidelines, and use lots of bubble wrap. Bringing the fragile artwork yourself is acceptable, but please provide a way for the buyer to get it home safely (bubble wrap, box, etc.).

Two-dimensional works (including prints for the print shop) must be matted, mounted, or framed to aid in hanging. Stick-on plastic hangers on unmatted work are not acceptable. If they are not matted, they must be in a clear envelope of some sort. Hanging of pieces of paper will not be permitted.

Labeling Your Art Work:
All artwork, whether in the Art Show or the Print Shop, must be clearly labeled. Forms will be provided to all artists prior to the convention for attaching to each piece of art entered in the show. Please include the title of the piece, the item number, the Artist Number, and Artist Name.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance. Check your homeowners or renters policy - you may already have the appropriate coverage. We will take care of your artwork as best as possible while it is in the show, but the convention will not acquire the extra insurance for the Art Show.

Once entered in the show, the conditions of sale (minimum bid, Not For Sale, etc.) may not be changed. Please Note: No artwork may be withdrawn from the Art Show until after the silent auction ends on Saturday evening when the Art Show closes.

No Photography Allowed:
There will be no photography or video recording of any kind in the Art Show unless cleared by the Art Show Director in advance. The artist or agent must be present and consent to any photography or recording.

For Prospective Artists: Money Matters:
Fantasm will accept all orders for art show display units electronically via an online form, while supplies last.

As noted above, Art Show Fees are $20.00 per unit of Art Show. A unit is either a Grid Wall panel or a Table. All Grid Walls are single sided.

All Art Show fees must be paid in advance.

A 10% commission will be collected on all Art Show sales and 20% on all Print Shop sales.

There will be no payments to artists at the convention. Payments will be made as soon as possible, within 14-28 days after the convention.

Mail-In Art:
We charge a $25.00 return shipping and insurance deposit, which will be waived if the artist provides a pre-paid return shipping label when sending in your work. We highly recommend using a pre-paid label.

For those without a pre-paid return label, we will use the $25 toward returning your artwork, making up the difference either from your sales or, if the shipping cost is lower than the $25, returning the excess to you. We will default to USPS for return shipping, unless we are requested otherwise. The artwork of artists who have insufficient sales to cover return shipping and have not sent return postage money will not be returned until shipping funds have been provided.

Please pack your artwork securely. We want the piece to get to the show in perfect condition, to attract buyers and higher bids. If the contents of the box shifts when it is shaken, please add more packing material, such as crumpled newspapers, more bubble wrap, etc.

You will be given the address to send your items to after signing up. Your items must arrive at least one week prior to the convention; this will give us time to process your artwork. Packages may be sent by the delivery service of your choice. Please do not require a signature! This will delay delivery.

Artwork being returned will be shipped within a week after the convention. If you want the shipment insured above the minimum provided by the shipper, please discuss that with the Art Show Director. Payment for artwork sold and a refund of excess shipping funds will be provided separately.

Contacting the Fantasm Art Show
We welcome queries or questions from participating or prospective Fantasm Art Show artists; you may contact the Art Show coordinators at For general convention queries, please refer to our convention Contact Us page instead.
May I sit at my art show table or panel?
No. This is not the same as an artist alley and is a more like an art gallery.

I don't want to purchase a full unit of space (table or panel). Can I just purchase one space for one painting?
No. Space is sold as either an entire table or an entire panel.
September 15 - 17, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL
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