FANTASM - Literary Horror Burlesque (18+ ONLY)
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Literary Horror Burlesque (18+ ONLY)

We're the kind of nerds who didn't read the Sparknotes - we WROTE the Sparknotes. We're the kind of nerds who were told they talk too much about prose and poetry in English class.

Wanna explore your favorite literary horror characters in a new light? Join Theoretical Rejects as we strip down literary horror to its BARE essentials. Let's get, flirty, dirty, and literary!

After the flop of her once-but-no-longer favorite author, literary superfan Annie Wilkes is on the hunt for a new favorite to dedicate her attentions...Will she choose one of the classic gothic stories of Stoker or Shelley? Or will she prefer the more contemporary works of Gaiman or King? Turn the page to find out, but don't spoil the will only end in Misery...

Tips accepted and greatly appreciated!

Location: Main Events
Time: Friday: 9:00pm *time subject to change
Age: 18 and up ONLY with a valid Drivers License or State ID. No Exceptions!

Theoretical Rejects is a performance troupe in Orlando, FL centered around the concept of diversity and inclusivity on stage! We believe that all voices have a right to be represented on stage.
Burlesque Show FAQ

I left my ID at home but I swear I am of legal age. Can I get in, please?
Apologies, but you can not enter without a valid ID. Examples of a valid ID would be a Driver’s License, State-Issued ID, Passport, or Passport Card.

I only have my student ID from my college. Does that count?
Unfortunately, it does not. If it won’t let you into a bar or club, or through airport security, we can not accept it. It must be a valid ID as listed above.

I was running behind and I arrived late! Can I still go in?
Our policy is that once the doors close, we can not allow anyone to enter. This is for the safety and privacy of the performers, as well as to keep any underage convention attendees from seeing anything inappropriate.

May we take pictures or video?
Any unauthorized photography or videography is strictly prohibited. The troupes have their own vetted media personnel. If you are seen with anything that can capture photo or video, you will be asked to put it away. If you are seen with the devices out again, you will be asked to leave. These devices include cameras, camcorders, phones, or streaming glasses.

I have to leave to go go to the ATM/my hotel room/etc. May I re-enter after I leave?
As with arriving late, if the show has begun, re-entry is not permitted. Please try to take care of getting tip money, using the restroom, having your ID, etc. prior to lining up for the show.

Can I interact with the performers during the show?
Only if they initiate the interaction. Keep in mind that the performances may enter the audience, but if they don’t encourage anything, please be respectful.

Can I cheer, catcall, whoop, scream, etc. to get the attention of the performers on stage?
Sometimes the show encourages reactions, like cheering, at different points of the show. However, sudden catcalls during the individual acts is incredibly rude. Feel free to applaud or cheer if you see a performer do a particularly impressive trick, or after they are done. Please, be respectful of our performers. They have worked very hard to put on an entertaining show. Causing a disruption of any kind will have you removed from the room by security.

Can I touch the performers?
Unless you are specifically asked by the performer to have any sort of physical contact, do not touch the performers under any circumstances. This can be dangerous for not only our performers, as they often utilize highly trained techniques (including acrobatics, the use of props, etc), but you run the risk of getting yourself injured. Any sort of unwelcome physical contact towards any of our performers will get you ejected from the room, or have the local authorities called on you.

May I offer money to the performers?
As with verbal or physical interactions, only if the performer specifically asks. Prior to entering the event space, the troupe’s tipping protocols and methods will be explained. These protocols will be repeated after everyone is seated and before the show begins.

I am so excited and amped up! Would it be okay if I run on stage?
Absolutely not. Stay in your seats. If you rush the stage, you will be evicted by security. The authorities could also be involved.

…But I am having so much fun!!! Why can’t I [insert crazy, hair-brained idea here]?
Because if you create a hazardous environment for our performers, your fellow attendees, and convention staff, we will remove you from the event space, take your badge (no refund), and possibly have the local authorities get involved. Trust us. It is not worth it.
September 15 - 17, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL

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