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Exhibitors List
Fantasm Art Show:  Merchant List
Fantasm Art Show: Room Map - (Click Map to Enlarge)
Fantasm Art Show Total Merchants: 6
Fantasm Vendor Hall:  Merchant List
Fantasm Vendor Hall: Room Map - (Click Map to Enlarge)
Fantasm Vendor Hall Total Merchants: 87
Full Merchant List
5th Dimension Films
Booths: V21
Description: Japanese Kaiju Godzilla toys and figures, Classic Horror and Sci Fi movie posters and lobby cards, Books, and magazines, and toys, Classic Sci Fi Horror Collectible Movies, Films, and Dvd’s.
A Wild Moose
Booths: AST01
Description: Mostly wood and acrylic products made with a laser machine. If you can think it, we can probably make it!
AEO Studios, Inc.
Booths: V05
Description: Special FX Makeup, horror/cosplay props, costume accessories, masks
Alpha Quadrant Games
Booths: V13
Website: http://
Description: Board games, card games, dice and other gaming accessories.
Arca Noctis
Booths: V39
Description: Sterling silver hand cast jewelry, Victorian era jewelry, oddities, book, tarot decks and more. (Met you all at Spookala this weekend!)
Art afterlife skeletons
Booths: V30
Description: Bones skeleton art mounted insects skulls furs
Ashley Hoppen Art
Booths: A36
Description: Fandom style ducks
B Stark Art
Booths: GW17
Description: Hand wrapped wire sculptue, ghost book, misc.
Ballinger Films Media
Booths: A42
Description: Comic books and comic merchandise.
Belladona’s Beauties & Baubles
Booths: A06
Description: Ethically sourced taxidermy and art, jewelry, resin koi ponds and magnets
Bittersweet Brushes
Booths: A05
Description: Hand-painted, horror themed purses, wallets and wristlets
Bleeding Gem Designs
Booths: A23
Website: http://
Description: Gothic and nerdy inspired stickers, tumblers, buttons, and art prints.
boogyman studios
Booths: V23
Description: masks props art and apparel
Convention Comforts
Booths: A12,  A13
Website: http://
Description: We sell products that make your life comfortable. These products include homemade pillow blankets, backpacks, pillow cases, masks, neck ties, bow ties, scruchies, and pet scarves.
Copper Katt Crafts
Booths: A31
Description: I have crafts such as bookmarks, hair ribbons, charmed tea infusers, perler crafts and such.
Booths: A17
Description: Handcrafted tumblers, earrings,license plate, bags
Creations By Huntress
Booths: A21
Website: http://
Description: I handmake steampunk/ gothic/ and metaphysical jewelry and more such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains, trinket boxes etc.
Creature Cosmetics LLC
Booths: V22
Description: Creature Cosmetics LLC is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand with a dedication to classic horror films and the macabre. Blending the worlds of glamour and horror into one terrifying brand, we bring high pigment and longevity of wear to every product we produce, while also maintaining an affordable price point. Our dedication to our mission doesn’t stop there, as every product that is released is designed and conceptualized with the utmost respect for the horror community and fan base in mind.
Crystal's Creative
Booths: A15
Description: Handmade Small Business Owner specializing in small arts and creatives especially appealing to nerd and geek culture.
Cuddly Cryptids LLC
Booths: A11
Description: Cuddly Cryptids LLC designs and sells plush toys of Cryptids and mythological creatures.
Dandies Candies
Booths: A28
Description: Handcrafted 3D lollipops and Hand pulled hard pillow Candies
Darwin Rose Studio
Booths: A34
Website: http://
Description: Anime Horror Button Pins, Stickers, Acrylic Pins, Phone Charms, Art Prints, and Hand Sewn Plushies
Booths: V48
Website: http://DOACO.STORENVY.COM
DeyaVu Apothecary LLC
Booths: A09
Description: Handcrafted witchy and horror inspired bath and body products including bath bomb, soaps, essential oil perfumes
Booths: V36
Description: Unique Candles and Crystals
Booths: V43
Description: Pop Culture and horror merchandise. Handmade items amd cosplay
Foozys / kimtastic
Booths: A32,  A33
Description: fun funky socks and croc charm gibbitz / accessories for gibbitz
Galaxy Toys
Booths: V46
Description: Pins,lanyard, keychain,tshirt,pop,mini blocks figure, stickers, collectibles, figure
Gracelynn’s Goodies
Booths: A43
Description: Bags and wallets, keychains, bookmarks, notebooks, glasswares, tshirts. All items are handmade.
GraphicsChyk Designs
Booths: AST17
Description: 3d printed geek merchandise, hand made wands
Graveyard Offerings
Booths: V14
Description: Horror and pop culture jewelry, pillows, wallets, and much more
Guerrilla Lobster
Booths: V53
Description: Collectibles
Harlow’s Haunt
Booths: A38,  GW03,  GW05
Description: Harlow’s Haunt is a new independent horror film from Central Florida by Black Dog Filmz. Harlow’s Haunt is being represented by producer and art director Kevin Cleveland, returning to Fantasm as an artist from the previous year. We will have original posters, hand signed by the cast for sale to promote the film.
IHA - Vintage Hallowe'en
Booths: A03
Description: Vintage Halloween Art Book
Incubo Creations
Booths: V47
Description: horror/ spooky hand made resin products .
Inkd Publishing LLC
Booths: A25
Description: Inkd Publishing LLC - Anthologies Kevin A Davis - Urban Fantasy series
Jekylls Basement
Booths: A29
Description: Horror & pop culture toys, masks, props
Kat F. Art
Booths: A20
Description: Horror and Fantasy art made from recycled and refurbished materials!
Kelly Garcia Creations
Booths: V25
Description: Sublimation tumblers, pillows, shirts, keychains, journals, coasters, door hangers, DTG shirts.
Kick Bright Shop & Buttons
Booths: A04
Website: Http://www.kickbright
Description: Handmade buttons (aka pins, badges, pinbacks) of many different subjects including horror, pop culture, obscure movies, anime, monster and other themes. Many one of a kind exclusives.
Kiskis Kreations
Booths: A27
Description: horror bath fizzies/bombs, soaps and candles.
Kizmet Creative
Booths: V50
Description: Fandom inspired custom shirts, tumblers and doormats.
L. Shiva Rodriguez-Pettibone
Booths: AST04
Description: Customized dolls that are based on the deaths of famous people in history. The collection is known as "Headless Historicals".
Little Luvin Stitches
Booths: V49
Description: I crochet handmade turtles, mushrooms, octopis, bees, and many different characters. I also sell a variety of live air plants in many different 3d settings.
Booths: A07
Website: http://
Description: Horror-themed jewelry, accessories, and other miscellaneous products.
MAD Lady Designs
Booths: A10
Website: http://
Description: Canvas originals and prints. I do acrylic pour paintings that are embellished. We are adding things such as coasters to our available items.
Mad Monster Deals
Booths: A19
Description: tv / movie related props
May May's Maid Cafe / The Kawaii Company
Booths: A40
Description: May May's Maid Cafe is a convention maid cafe event for all fans of anime, cosplay, and everything cute! We are based in sunny Central Florida. We are just starting out and we could use all of the help we could get! If you are interested in becoming a maid or butler. We also need other helpers for digital design, web design, photography, and food preparation.
Merlin's muchies coffee company, ll
Booths: V08
Description: We are a coffee company with amazing designs. It is based on our Immortal Time traveling wizard Merlin and he fights ghouls and monsters throughout the Multiverse. We have over 40 coffee and have done several venues in the past. We do not make coffee for people to drink in cups at conventions. We sell our coffee in sealed packages. We also have an audiobook coming out in 2 weeks. It should be ready before the venue. Each piece of art took 2-3 weeks to finalize and the entire process has taken over a year. We have had a ton of success at the few conventions we have done and had everyone there buzzing about our coffee labels! We look forward to doing the same at your convention in 2 weeks!
Midnight Fury Designs LLC
Booths: V19
Description: We produce custom 3D printed cosplay items and high quality 3D printed Resin Statues. We also have several custom artwork pieces and metal prints
Booths: A37
Description: MonicaCouture is an Alternative Unisex Streetwear Fashion - founded in 2018 in the US. Our team has three designers, all of whom have been engaged in artistic work, and all have a unique aesthetic. The Female Hustler Series is only the beginning! So much more to drop! We sell Graphic Ts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Stickers & more!
Monster Kid Studios
Booths: V27
Description: Monster Kid Studios is an online horror entertainment business. We host YouTube programming and sell original art and t-shirt designs. For the Monster Kid in all of us!
Monsters And Madonnas
Booths: V40,  V41
Website: http://
Description: Original Comics , Prints , Paintings , Sculpts, Books, Pendants, Stickers
Myrcury's Toybox
Booths: A30
Description: Mom and Daughter Artist and Maker Team! Everything unique and one-of-a-kind. Ragdoll style plush with hand painted faces, colorful hair accessories, hand painted boxes, keepsake trinkets, and our own unique originals such as Monster Mirrors and Art Dolls!
Nerd It Out
Booths: A02
Website: http://
Description: Laser engraved wooden art, resin popsockets, resin keychains, painted canvas art, custom t-shirts and baby onesies (made by hand),
Orcutt's Art Room
Booths: A39
Description: I sell all kinds of prints of my work as well as originals
Papa's Rock and Roll Parlor
Booths: V45
Description: Record and collectibles shop. We sell records, cds, tapes. tees, posters, books, and anything hard rock/metal related
Paranormal Existence Research Society
Booths: V01,  V02,  V03
Description: Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) is a professional non-profit paranormal research group. We research and document all types of paranormal phenomena in hopes of assisting clients by identifying the types of activity occurring at their location, helping to ease anxiety associated with those events and to further assist in bringing resolution to the case. We investigate claims of hauntings, demonic possession, ghosts, shadow figures, haunted objects, UFOs, and just about all unexplained phenomena. We also love to educate the public about ghosts, hauntings, demons, paranormal investigation techniques and equipment.
Party Hero Games
Booths: A45
Website: http://HTTPS://
Description: Party Hero Games is primarily a game creating company. We offer 7 different card games we have created. We also offer art prints and stickers based on anime and the games. Other things we produce include 3D printed DND props and acrylic keychains and pins.
Poison Strands
Booths: A44
Website: http://
Description: I mostly weave large dolls, based on horror icons-mixed media. Also, some hoods, hats and smaller items. I collaborate at times with a leathersmith for some unique pieces.
Primo Cardinalli
Booths: V20
Website: http://
Description: paintings, prints, oddball stuff I make
Resin Renegade
Booths: A16
Website: http://
Description: Resin earrings, keychains, and coasters with a goth and glittery vibe!
ResirWrecked Costumes
Booths: V12
Description: Custom and ready made costumes and clothing for haunted attractions.
Rosales Artistry
Booths: A14
Description: We sell tumblers that are handmade.
Roxxy Horror
Booths: V31
Description: Original Horror art and reproductions created by published comic book artist Chris Stevens
Scarlett’s Witch
Booths: A35
Description: Orlando artist that explores all types of art making and storytelling with a bit of a witchy twist.
ScaryCraig Photography
Booths: V42
Description: Original art, & photography including framed, and individual photos. Handcrafted Coffin plaques, boxes, jewelry, shadow boxes.
Scrap The Catwalk
Booths: V32
Website: http://
Description: I create Upcycle Horror/ PunkT-shirt bags, dresses, and accessories. Vegan leather repurpose belt straps, spikes and stud pieces.
Scribble Creatures
Booths: A26
Description: Whimsical, creepy-cute art! Anything from anime/kawaii to horror, sci fi, and original characters (pumpkin puppies, creepy plants and pumpkin pinups).
Sharon Nuccio Art
Booths: V29
Description: Multi Media/Oddities/Horror Art/Halloween Props/Beaded-Adorned Skulls/Concrete Sculptures/Gun Powder Art/Wiccan Tool Boxes/Trinket Boxes
Sherri’s Bright Ideas
Booths: A18
Description: One of a kind and custom made lamps
Simply Squatchy
Booths: V06
Website: http://
Description: Laser engraved merchandise Cryptid items
Space Coast Comixx
Booths: A01
Description: We produce comics, films, and so much more.
Space Ninja Sabers (co.)
Booths: V04
Website: http://
Description: We are Florida's only lightsaber company/vendor so it's all lightsaber related. All levels of tech and all different price points. Everything from $100 baselit RGBs to play with friends with, to $500 character replica neopixel proffieboard hilts, to $2,000 collector item historic display sabers. We also have blades and accessories of all kinds. Cosplay blades, day blades, sheaths, armor sleeves, blade plugs, saber stands, etc. I'd like to be clear that these are not considered to be real weapons. They're the usual type of sabers you would see at cons. Just hopefully a bit better lol. Also, of course I bring mostly the economical stuff to these events but I do try to bring a little something for everyone.
Super Spooky Studio
Booths: V26
Description: I make custom costumes the Home Depot 12 skeleton and other horror themed sewing makes (dog collars, plushies)
That Crafting Witch
Booths: A41
Description: Enamel pins, acrylic charms and pins, stickers, bumper stickers, sewn dice bags and pencil cases, knit dice bags, hats, scarves and gloves as well as other potential items
The art of Terence Muncy
Booths: V35
Website: http://Artbyterencemuncy
Description: Action figures and artwork
The Creature Workshop
Booths: V33,  V34
Description: Halloween costume,props and novelties.
The Debauched Unicorn
Booths: A08
Description: We sell novelty bath products with horror, sci-fi, and fantasy themes.
The Foxes Den
Booths: A46
Website: http://
Description: We offer a variety of products all hand made and produced in house. Most art pieces feature original art, there is some fan art available as well for some of our favorite shows/games/movies/comics. In addition to a mix of digital and traditional art we offer hand poured resin and ceramic pieces.
The Horror Stop N Shop
Booths: V28
Description: at the horror stop n shop, everything is hand made and made by me (: i hand make coffin makeup brush holders, pins, bags, pins and digital artwork (:
The Skeleton Key Escape Company
Booths: V07
Website: http://
Description: Pop-up Escape Game Experience
The Wolfs Den
Booths: V44
Description: Original movie posters, collectables, books
Booths: A22
Description: Paranormal Magazine publisher and we plan to cover the show.
Wave Man Arts by MM Schill
Booths: GW08,  GW09,  GW11,  GW13
Website: Http://
Description: Traditional and modern Japanese art
You are loved crafts
Booths: V24
Description: Everything that I create has a wooden base. Everything comes straight from my imagination! I love creating things that anyone and everyone can connect/ resonate with! I I know this is a horror con and I will absolutely make items to fit the horror theme! I am a HUGE horror fan, and I have many ideas for this event! I also try to focus everything around mental health and awareness!
Booths: A24
Description: I do collage art Using objects acrylic paint paper and resin. I do this on wood panels as well as Journals and Sketchbooks covers.
August 19 - 21, 2022
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL

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